Admiral Boat – one of the biggest producers of PVC inflatable boats in Russia. Inflatable PVC Boats Admiral are presented on Russian CIS countries market for more than 7 years. During this time, consumers have approved its comfort and safety. You can see this information from many positive reviews online. Since 2014 Admiral started special production for export. Now we have exclusive representatives in Europe and Turkey, as well we send products to many foreign countries.

Inflatable boats PVC Admiral - is the key to a comfortable staying on the water. Top designers and engineers with wide experience in this area had a lot of experimentation to get such a useful and easy-to-use boat Admiral. It should be noted that Admiral boats are safe because of its high stability. Manufacturers have thought boats as the reliability of the bottom. For these purposes we usedurable PVC fabric that protects the bottom of the boat from breakdowns.

PVC boats Admiral suitable not only for a quiet and measured rest, as characterized by excellent maneuverability and seaworthiness. Customers can enjoy appropriate conditions for tuning, that will give your boat maximum comfort. Another important parameter for choosing Admiral boat is load carring capacity. Boats Admiral are designed for transportation of large loads. As well boat Admiral made of high-quality German PVC which provides resistant to salt water and mechanical damage. Each boat model Admiral has CE certificate.


- Pvc boat "Admiral" expand high speed with the same engine power as opposed to other brands
- Have higher maneuverability
- On every boat has a face-throughs for seats and installation of additional equipment that can be moved around the side of the boat for easy use
- Quick (easy) access to gliding
- Acute part of the cone is protected by a plug made of PVC, which is much denser than the tissue that provides absolute protection.